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The J. Gibson McIlvain Company: A Sapele Lumber Supplier

flat sawn and quartersawn sapele

Flat Sawn & Quartersawn Sapele

Sapele is a durable wood with beautiful graining and is frequently used as a mahogany substitute. The natural color of Sapele wood is a dark brownish-red with some occasional purple hues.

As a relative of Mahogany, Sapele wood shares some of the same qualities and is popularly used in door & window manufacturing, flooring, siding, interior/exterior trim, architectural paneling and millwork. Sapele is also used in making fine guitars, harps and ukeleles. Cadillac has also used Sapele for interior car trim.

At the J. Gibson McIlvain Company, we carry Sapele in thickness 4/4 through 12/4, in varying widths & lengths from narrow & short to wide & long. Our Sapele is available in both quartersawn (straight) as well as flat sawn (cathedral) varieties. We also carry Sapele plywood to match our Sapele lumber.

The McIlvain Difference

J. Gibson McIlvain Company’s representatives travel to forests and sawmills throughout Africa to ensure that only the finest Sapele lumber is being purchased. By traveling directly to the source, we can also ensure that legal & sustainable forestry practices are being implemented. If desired, we can even provide FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Sapele for your next project.

Shipping Sapele Lumber Nationwide

Nationally, we ship 500 board foot custom pulled orders all the way up to truckloads of Sapele and other wood products. Let us know what your next project or your current stocking program requires, and we'll let you know when we can fulfill and deliver your order.

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To speak with one of our experienced sales representatives, call 1-800-638-9100. You can also email inquiries or questions to us, and an in-house sales representative will get back to you.

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